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Welcome to Gourmet to Go, where you can enjoy made-from-scratch meals delivered straight to your doorstep.


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You can use our online ordering and registration system to pick and choose your dates and add-ons for every meal. Please note that all orders must be placed by Friday at 12 midnight for the following week.


We Prepare Your Meal

We receive our open tickets every day with your specific meals for preparation. Each meal is prepared specifically for you to account for your favorite foods and any allergies.


We Bring It To You

We take your cooked meals to you and leave it on your doorstep or specified location. It’s as easy as that!

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Nutritional Facts Nutritional Facts

Many of our ingredients are USDA certified, and we work closely with our suppliers to set quality standards for every ingredient. When possible our seafood is sustainably sourced, and our meat is raised without added hormone. For produce, we support farmers who use regenerative farming practices that help build healthy soil for future generations. By protecting natural resources, encouraging biodiversity and utilizing integrated pest management, our farmers grow their crops with minimal fertilizers and pesticides, and reduce carbon emissions.

Logo About Christine's

Christine’s was founded in 2003 as a catering venue and retail steak and wine shop. Christine Healey, executive chef, has spent many years entertaining her guests with a wide variety of hand-crafted recipes designed for a wide range of food lovers. After closing the retail shop in 2013, Christine honed her skills in the catering business and has become an integral partner with several venues in the Auburn / Opelika area. She soon realized that her menus could be expanded beyond the scope of events and made to suit any family. Gourmet to Go is the newest creation in the line of Christine’s Unlimited, where food is prepared in a custom gourmet kitchen and packaged for delivery. We at Christine’s hope you enjoy this new venture!

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